How To Get Vietnam Visa For Brazilians

Vietnam visa on arrival

Vietnam visa on arrival

Getting visa to Vietnam from Brazil is a very streamlined process. All Brazilians need a visa to enter into Vietnam whether they are visiting Vietnam for business or tourism as Brazil is not included in the country list that are benefited with visa free travel to Vietnam.

If you hold a Brazilian passport that is valid for next six months from the date of your travel, you are eligible to apply for the visa to Vietnam. Depending on the purpose of your visit and the duration you need to be in Vietnam, Brazilians can apply for one of the following types of visa:

1. Business Visa To Vietnam: The validity of the business visa to Vietnam can be 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months and it is issued to Brazilians who are visiting Vietnam for business purposes.

2. Tourist Visa To Vietnam: Brazilians who are visiting Vietnam for tourism can get this visa and the validity of this type of visa is only 1 month.

3. Transit Visa: This visa allows you to be in Vietnam for a period of 5 days if Vietnam is your transit location between two countries.

Traditionally, Brazilians were required to personally visit local Vietnamese embassy in order to apply and receive the visa. You can also use the services of professional travel agents to arrange the visa for you. If you have a valid Brazilian passport, you can get the visa within a period of 4-6 days on payment of applicable visa stamping charges from local Vietnamese embassy. You will also have to submit your passport and other important ID documents in order to obtain visa from the embassy. Although it is quite an easy process but Brazilian natives have to deal with traveling and waiting hassles.

Online Vietnam visa or Vietnam visa on arrival is another option that is open for all Brazilian travelers who need to travel to Vietnam either for business or tourism purposes. Online visas are only available for Brazilians who are traveling through air to reach Vietnam. You can apply for the visa online without submitting any document and a visa approval letter is sent to you through email while the actual visa can be collected from the local Vietnamese embassy before starting your journey or at the Vietnam International Airport at the time of your arrival. The issued visa approval letter allows you to enter Vietnam without any difficulty.

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